Our Story

The idea :

Over the years I have made various timber works,(frames, model surfboards, clocks, beach style furniture and the like ),and have never really done anything with them. Then a few years ago I was given a birthday present that I really liked, it was a piece of surf art. I hadn’t seen anything liked it before and as it turned out it was done by my mate that had presented it, I didn’t even know he could draw. After finding out that he had never sold anything and couldn’t get a showing anywhere I started thinking I might be able to do something for the both of us. I started working on this site and started talking to people about it, I began to realise that there are a number of people who have talent but with few avenues available to showcase and possibly sell some of  their works. So this is what I have come up with, I hope you enjoy it and if you have some surf related stuff you want to show, or sell, contact us and we’ll see if we can work something out.

So, to the site:

The pieces : under the galleries heading are not for sale. They may be from collectors or artists who are happy to show their works, but aren’t fussed about selling them. HOWEVER – If you see something that you really like and you must have it…… if you make an offer on the piece, I will be happy to forward the offer on  and we’ll see what happens.
Artists :  We are obviously in our infancy, so we are seeking artists to show. If you have pieces you would like to show, or sell, please don’t hesitate in contacting us, and we will see what we can work out.
Evolution : I would like to evolve this site, so I’m happy to listen to any ideas or constructive criticisms to improve the site, whether that means building something new or adding new pages.
Blog : I will endeavour to keep the blog fresh, though I am not a prolific writer. I am looking to have a couple of guest writers contribute which should help. If you want to talk about anything on this site in a public forum, contact me and let me know. Of course, if you are happy to talk to me  about anything here, I love a chat.

Buying : We do buy selected items. HOWEVER, you should understand that we are unable to pay you a retail price. By being reasonable when setting your asking price, if we accept, you will receive payment immediately. CASH MONEY!!!! (or direct deposit).