Noosa swap meet and other stuff

Hey Guys and Gals,
After 2 weeks travelling up and down the coast to various swap meets, last weekend a mate and I went to the Noosa Festival of Surfing for the swap meet they had there. I believe that there was approx. 140 boards on show and /or sale. Our hosts/organisers were Ondi and Maree from underground surf at Noosa. They have a combination surf/coffee shop with many beautiful old boards on display. If you are in Noosa, they are upstairs in Hastings street along the beach front and is well worth a visit. I struggled a little up there as I was suffering a little bit of rib damage due to the clown who was my travelling partner, I haven’t laughed that much on road trip in some time. We made some good contacts both there and on the trip to and from, and now have even more access to more surfboards and other memorabilia items. So please keep in mind that just because you can’t see it on the website, it doesn’t mean we haven’t got it or that we can’t get it.
We art still loading more stock and need to do more work on our pricing, we had a couple of issues that cost us early in the piece and over reacted on some items. We have some room to move on some items, so if you see it and like it, ask us the question. We won’t give stuff away but are reasonable. Postage is still a major issue for me that I am not happy with but are working on, for best results use postage calculator as a guide and contact us and we will see what we can do.
We have several more surfboards but some need a fix up before getting on to the site, while others I need to decide if I will hang onto them or not.
We also have several surfboards for sale and hanging on the wall at the Valla Beach, Headland Café. This is literally 2 minutes off the Highway and they serve good coffee and food. Also if you are travelling through and have time I am 5 minutes off the highway and have about 100 boards on display as well as a whole lot of memorabilia. Pick up option is always available.
Well, the summer is gone and we are straight into Autumn conditions. A nice surf today with light offshore winds, the best conditions in a while, for me anyway. The bonus being the water is still at a summer temperature.

That’s all for now, till next time



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