Field Trip, Surf Auction and ‘New” old stuff

Hey Guys and Gals,
It’s been a while since my last post, not because there has been nothing happening, but because there has been too much happening. I’ve been on 2 trips to Sydney/Newcastle/Central Coast and up to Queensland finding new resources and meeting new contacts, as well as being in the Crystal Dreams workshop working on a few projects including a new letterbox ( lost our old one in the big East Coast low storms), I will include pics, and I had to make myself a new board, 8’6″x21″x31/4″, 70’s inspired single fin. The ‘Wave Hunter’ mission is to get me into the water and onto waves, it doesn’t have to be a performer.
I’ve got several Surfing World mags, some extra early 80’s Tracks and another contact for early Tracks mags. A collector who has a full set and is willing to part with duplicates, these probably won’t make the website as a listing as others that I have will also not make it onto site as it is very time consuming, but are available. So long story short, if you want specific mags and specific issues contact me and I’ll see if I have them or can source them. I have a guy looking for Coastal Tube magazine if anyone is looking to move these on.
I have a number of boards that I have picked up that may not make the site at this stage including, 2 rare Fluid Foils by Jim {Pollard, a Farrelly single fin, Brett Read twinny belly board, Keyo 10’6″ mal (SOLD), Shady Mountain Shooter (SOLD), Cooper single fin (ON HOLD), early 80’s Seaflight and Supanatural thrusters with glassed on side fins and a box, Gordon Woods 9’8″ mal ( ON HOLD), so you can see they are going quick. Boards that have sold are to people who are on my data base as chasing particular boards. If you want something, let me know, you’re not obligated to buying anything, but it may get your foot in the door.
On Sunday 17/7/2016 I went to the Surf Auction at Ocean Blue Surfboards. I met the owner Bob Kilpatrick and was fortunate enough to be able to spend a little time with him. I must say for a guy that was having an auction with around 120 items up for sale he was very accommodating and very generous with his time. He had a number of new boards in the auction, mals, fishes, mini mals and single fins that were all nice shapes with qulity sprays and glassing. We were talking new boards and he said at one point if I knew what I wanted and could ‘think it’ he could make it. So I will tell you, that if you want a good priced board and are anywhere near the Central Coast, you could do a whole lot worse than getting yourself to Long Jetty on the Entrance Road and have a talk to Bob. Tell him you read about him on the Crystal Dreams website.
I also got the opportunity to speak to ‘Pedallin Pete’ as he calls himself, the auctioneer. He told me it would be a quick, high paced auction. I was a little sceptical, I know surfers, and they don’t do too much real quick. True to his word, he started off at a cracking pace startling a lot in the crowd. It was a ‘no reserve’ auction and early a couple of boards ( beaters, but all sealed and ready to surf) went for between 20-30 dollars, one actually went for a dollar. He moved on into skateboards where there were several Surfer Sam’s and a couple of the Ben Lexcen ‘designed’ winged skateboards that all sold. Next were Bob’s NEW boards, there were well priced bargains that attracted a lot of bidding. Lastly there were approx. 30 ‘vintage’ boards. From 62/63 D fins through to Trackers, a G&S Lightning Bolt, a David ‘Baddy’ Treloar Wilderness that all were heavily bid on as well as a number of single fins, with a few twin fins, right through to a number of 80’s thrusters. There were bargains to be had with nothing going ‘too cheap’. Pete definitely talked the talk and also ‘talked the talk’, well he would, an auctioneer shouldn’t ‘walk the walk. My personal opinion, he was marginally quick on the hammer, but I have been to a lot of surf auctions and this was definitely preferable to the stop start I’ve been used to. So, would I recommend or use him? Definitely! It’s his job and he is good at it, and was a nice guy. If you are looking for an auctioneer and would like to get in touch with him, shoot me a message and we’ll see what we can do. Many punters on there way out, were asking when the next one would be? Not sure when or if. But it takes a lot of organising and time to gather enough items and to list them all, so if you have something to contribute to a surf auction, or want to be kept informed of the next one, again shoot me a message and I will add you to the data base.
Much more to say but no more time, so,,,,,until next time,
Happy Surfing,







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