Vintage Surfboards and books, new stock.




IMG_1998Hey Guys and Gals,
I’ve been a bit slack on the posts, having not posted for 3 weeks, but that doesn’t mean that nothing has changed. We have picked up some new thrusters and single fins (see photos), approx. half dozen or so, a couple were snapped up almost immediately and are now showing on site as ‘on hold’, if you are interested in anything that is ‘on hold’ contact us and let us know, as on some of these the deal is not finalised, whether they are awaiting a deposit, payment or someone is viewing them within a week or two. If they decide not to take them and you are quick, you may make first in line on the ‘waiting list’. We also have a few in the shed for repair, these may be posted in ‘coming soon’. If you have an interest in anything there, contact us to express interest and we will take offers on these items (and endeavour to get them repaired quicker), whether they be boards, books, mags or whatever.
I have also picked up 1 or 2 boards for my collection and will display in the gallery section over the coming weeks, as well as some new ‘old’ books. Some of these will be duplicates and will put extras in the shop.
I will be traveling down to the Central Coast next week and may end up in Sydney as yet, so if there is something that you are interested in but shipping is holding you back, get onto me and see what I can do. If you want to make an offer on something, just do it. Some stuff I have a little room to move on and other stuff I don’t, but as my old mate always said, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.
We have gained access to another collectors excess stock,(that makes 5), predominantly Tracks magazines from about 72/73 onwards from memory along with Deep magazine, ASL and Waves, early ones, so if you don’t see it listed it doesn’t mean we haven’t got it or that we can’t get it. .We also have a heap of different mags that should be listed, but I just haven’t had time to get to. If you see a subtitle for a mag that states that there is no current stock, there is a good chance that we have at least, a couple of issues.
We have listed our T-Shirts on EBay for a bit of exposure and it seems to be working. We are able to supply all shirts with picture only if preferred, for the listed price, and can combine postage and discount for multiple purchases. We are also able to supply black shirts but they are $5.00 extra, (printing cost, not mine). If you want any of these options you will have to make contact with us.
Once again we are putting the call out for amateur surf artists that we can display in our gallery section of the site. You are more than welcome to put a price on your work if that is your desire, but we are happy to list in the gallery section for free.
Finally, for this post, if you or someone you know has a vintage board that you want to sell, we do buy. Some for the shop and some for my collection. Send me several photos if possible, showing the deck, the bottom, the maker, any writing you can find that will help me identify it, and any damage that may affect price, along with an amount that you want and we will see how we go. Just remember, you may get quoted more elsewhere, but if we make a deal, I pay up front so you know what you are getting and your getting it fast. No promises of worth and then waiting months just to have someone tell you that you have it overpriced and will have to drop your figure and taking a commission which will bring you closer to my figure anyway, or waiting around for phone calls and people not turning up, wasting your time if you advertise and sell yourself. By all means get a figure, at least its a starting point.
As always, if you are travelling up or down the Coast contact us to arrange a time to call in to see all the stuff that is not for sale, and may be some stuff that is. We are literally 5 minutes off the highway.
Any questions, any at all, we are happy to chat, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Until next time, Happy Surfing

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