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After collecting old surfboards and surf memorabilia for more than 25 years,
I have decided to downsize my collection and potentially, eventually  sell it completely.


Crystal Dreams | Surf Art , Retro Surf Boards and more
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Crystal Dreams

As a long time surfer who has always been interested in and dabbled in bits and pieces of surf art ( I was making timber works; framing my surf posters, model surfboards, clocks, beach furniture and the like), gathering and hoarding surf stuff ( it wasn’t memorabilia then), and over the years meeting a number of people who are extremely talented but with few avenues to show and possibly show some of their works, I came up with the idea of providing a medium for them (us).

I hope you like it

I am selling off parts of my collection, including vintage surfboards, mags, posters and other memorabilia, accumulated over the last 25years , and am advertising the boards in the ‘Collections’ section of this site. We are also looking for Surf Art to show, preferably from the 70’s era.

Starting small but hopefully With your contributions growing soon. Contains many forms including paper, canvas, timber & crafts. In both the galleries and shop.

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Retro Boards

Collector and riders. In the galleries for a look and in the shop to buy. More boards will be coming soon.

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All for a look. But if you see something you like, contact us with an offer and see what happens. Contains all the same titles as the shop.

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